Your Websand dashboard


Websand is designed to help you become a better marketer, and we think a lot of that is about understanding your data.  That's about understanding more about who your customers are, what value they create for your business, and how they've reacted to your marketing campaigns.  

So we've designed a series of data driven dashboards to help you become an even better marketer. 


Websand has three main dashboards, all designed to help you understand the value your customers are adding to your business.  The dashboards are updated every 15 minutes.

Transactional Data shows the financial breakdown of your customer data, based on customer value.

Audience Data contains the full dataset of your audience - subscribers and customers

Sending Data shows the last 30 days email marketing activity, any sends, opens, clicks or other marketing events.


Transactional Data shows the behaviour and financial breakdown of your customer data.  It's designed to help you to make marketing decisions on which audience to target.  Marketing based on who bought what and when.  

The Transactional Data dashboard is broken down into three areas.  Your customer overview (the top bar), Audience by purchase and our Customer Lifetime Value Matrix

Customer Overview

The customer metrics for your business based on your data within Websand.  How many customers you have, how many are active, what is their average customer lifetime spend, and the average number of transactions.

Tip - as you put your marketing campaigns in place, you can target these numbers and watch them improve. 

Audience by purchase

Audience by purchase shows a table of the number of customers based on the number of purchases or transactions they have made with you.  Helping you to understand how many of your customers are loyalty returning customers.

Tip - create a marketing automation campaign to target those folk that have only bought from you once and get them to repurchase with you.

Customer Lifetime Value Matrix

The Customer Lifetime Value Matrix segments your customers based on their value to your business.  Highlighting the following groups.

VIP - people with above average customer lifetime value spend (in this case £81.91) and have spent in the last 12 months

Active - people with below average customer lifetime value spend (in this case £81.91) and have spent in the last 12 months

Lapsed - people with above customer lifetime value spend (in this case £81.91) but have not spent in the last 12 months

Inactive - people with below average customer lifetime value spend (in this case £81.91) but have not spent in the last 12 months

Tip - Create marketing campaigns to retain the spend of your VIP people, and now you know the value of the 'ex VIP's' in the Lapsed segment, you can invest in those with promotions to bring them back. 


The Audience data contains your full audience.  That's your customers AND your prospects.  The same audience list is shown when you explore the people included in any of your segments.  So it's important that you understand what you can explore from this screen. 

If you want to know more about a specific member of your audience, then type in their email into the search area

Click on their email address, and the full history of that contact will appear.  

That's everything they've bought.

All the data you hold against their profile.

And their full Websand marketing history - which emails they've been sent, and how they've reacted to them.


The Sending dashboard gives you a rolling 30 day snapshot of your email marketing history.  

Showing the number of emails, processed, delivered, opened, clicked, bounced, dropped, unsubscribed or marked as spam, over the last 30 days.

The dashboard shows the full history for your Marketing.  That's all the campaigns that have been activated or that people have reacted to (email can have a long tail so you might see some old campaigns here).  

If you want to know more about a specific campaign (be that a one off or a marketing automation campaign), then select the campaign of interest from the Active campaign list and the same dashboard will appear for your selected campaign. 

The same dashboard for email marketing is used across the APP, so you'll see the same layout when you review the activity from the Send or Automation area of the APP.

Importing your data into Websand

You can’t create data driven marketing campaigns without data, and perhaps an API or an integration simply isn't right for your business.  

So we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to upload your CSV files into Websand.

Of course, it’s better still if we connect directly to your systems and make your data flow, be that Magento, Woocommerce or whatever systems you are running to collect your data.  

We haven’t found a data system that’s got the better of us yet, so please get in touch and we’ll see how we can help you hook things up and make your data flow automatically and hassle free. 

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