Getting started

Welcome to Websand 

Websand is a marketing automation platform, designed to bring your marketing strategy to life, and ensure that the marketing messages you send are relevant, targeted and personalised.

And it works.  Our users are recording results at least 50% higher than industry averages.  

This page provides a summary of the key elements of the platform to help you to understand how Websand works.

1. Dashboards

2. Data

3. Messages

4. Sending

5. Automation

Getting Started

When you first access your account, unless you've come through one of our integration partners, it will be empty.  

So the first thing you need to do, it get some data into the system.

You have three options

1. Use one of our growing list of integrations (Wordpress, Eventbrite, Visualsoft API, Fisikal)

2. Point your technical folk to our API and set up your own integration to your systems

3. You can Import your data as a CSV.   

1. Your Dashboards

Websand has three main dashboards, all designed to help you understand the value your customers are adding to your business.

Transactional Data shows the financial breakdown of your customer data, based on customer value.

Audience Data 

Lists the full dataset of your audience - subscribers and customers.  It's the grainary detail for each member of your audience and the foundation for your segmentation. 

Search by email in the audience and you'll be able to access the full history for that individual.  Their profile, what they've bought and how they've reacted to your marketing.  

Sending Data 

Shows the last 30 days email marketing activity, any sends, opens, clicks or other marketing events.  Click on one of the Active campaigns and you'll get detailed campaign report.

2. Data

Friendly API and existing integrations

Importing is a necessary evil but it's better all round to connect systems together and make your data flow, be that Magento, Woocommerce or whatever systems you are running to collect your data.  

If you are a developer we also have an open API so you can connect your own platforms.  For more on that see here -  subscriber APItransaction API and the special partnership API (if you'd like to become a partner, please get in touch)

If you aren't a developer we have a growing number of existing integrations already set up with  ZapierSendGridWordpressVisualsoft, Fisikal and Eventbrite.

Importing your data into Websand

You can’t create data driven marketing campaigns without data, and perhaps an API or an integration simply isn't right for your business.  

So we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to upload your CSV files into Websand.

Creating Segments

So you understand the dashboards.  You've uploaded data.   You can now manage your data through segments.

Select from our preset segments.

Source - where your audience signed up

Product - what people have bought and when

Retention - when was the last time people bought from you

Repeat - who has bought X number of purchases

Customer Lifetime Value - manage your audience based on how much they've spent with you.

Marketing - who has opened or clicked your marketing campaigns (overall or by campaign).

Freestyle - segmentation based on your unique data.

Combined - create 'super segments' based on the existing segments you've created.  Add them together or delete one segment from another. 

3. Create your email messages

You've managed your audience, so send them a message.

Create your message from one of our preset templates using our drag and drop editor.  It's so easy to use the only thing I need to tell you is the we have over 500,000 royalty free images within our image library (thanks to unsplash, and pexels).

The editor is mobile and inbox optimised so your messages are guaranteed to look great across all devices and viewers. 

4. Start Sending

Before you start sending, you'll need to create your 'sender' - that's the address your email will be sent from.  (Websand is a business tool, so your email from address needs to be a professional email address, no gmail, etc)

To Send 

1. Create a campaign based by selecting your message, your sender address and your audience. 

2. Send it straight-away or schedule it for another day.

3. Check out the Send data to see how amazing you've become.

5. Start Automating

Automating works the same as sending, the only difference is you can switch your campaign on or off.  

Once your automation is switched on - your marketing is alive and will react based on the behaviour of your audience.  

Typically you'll get a 200%+ improvement in results from Automated campaigns so what you waiting for.  Why not start with a simple retention campaign to get your old customers buying again.  

You are all set up so get started.  

The hard work is done, now use your creativity and imagination and create some data driven marketing magic.  

You're going to do some great things and we are on hand to help whenever you need it. 

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