How to create an email message

How to create an email marketing message

You can't send email marketing without a message.  Websand allows you to create mobile optimised email marketing using a drag and drop editor or if you prefer simply drop in your existing HTML. 

Click here if you want some hints and tips to help you create the perfect email marketing message for your audience.

Using the email editor

Our email editor is responsive is really easy to use, and has even been described as ‘fun’ :).

The message you create will be configured to work on both mobile and desktop devices.  This is really important as Mobile is increasingly becoming the main device for viewing your email.

Creating a new message

Click on ‘Design’ from the Websand menu (the third icon down).  You'll enter the following screen.

In the top right corner, enter a name for your message, select your starting template and click the [+ New Template] button.

Tip : When you give your message a name, be as specific as you can.  You'll need to able to easily identify it in the future for campaigns and for future reference.

Getting started within the email editor

Once you enter the message design screen, you'll see the screen below.  The template you've selected will already be place so you have a starting point to make the message your own. 

The left column contains the content of the your message. 

The right hand column is where you can make format changes.  You have three sections (in order); Content, Structure and Body.


Content gives you the building blocks for your email message.  

Select the content block you need, and pull it into the message template.  Once the content block is in place you can then 

  • format and edit the text
  • upload, edit or link your image
  • design and edit your button
  • design your divider
  • edit your social links
  • add some HTML code to your message


The structure section provides you with placeholders for your email design.  These are mobile optimised and set the columns for you to populate with your preferred content. 

Select a row structure that meets your requirements and pull that across into the message – you can then add content from the content tab into the message.

Body Tab

Screenshot 2015-12-15 16.32.58In the body tab, you can set the background colour, width, link colour, content area background colour and default font for your message.

When clicking into the content or structure, the column changes to allow you to edit specific functions related to the content.

Creating your message

Setting your subject line

Maybe you start with your subject line, or maybe you finish with it?  Whatever your preference, don't forget to add your subject line, and if you want to personalise it you can add merge tags.

Setting your structure

To set the format or structure of the message, by pulling your preferred structure from the structure menu into the content of the message.  That will add a new Row to your message. 

Click on the row (structure block) within the message and a border will appear.  The right hand column will then change and provide you with the editing options for that structure block. 

You can also edit the column background colour and padding for each column within the selected row (structure).

Adding or editing text

Screenshot 2015-12-15 16.32.45Whether you've added a text block of content or if you want to edit an existing block of text, the process is the same. 

Click into the text and cursor will appear within the text.  Simply type or delete the text to change the content of the text block.

When you click, a formatting menu will also appear (see below).  Use this to change the format of the text, the alignment of the text, the font style, the font size, and add hyperlinks to your text. 

Once you've finished editing, click away and the content will be updated.  The editor does not auto save changes, so remember to keep saving your message.  

Adding images

Websand has lots of image options to make sure you get your email designs perfect.   You can To add or amend images or media, you can add a new image, edit an existing image, add a hyperlink to the selected image, or give your image more space to breathe by add some padding around the image.

For more detail on how to access the royalty free image library, add your own images or edit images please read using images within your email 

Adding Buttons

To set the font or to edit a button, in the right hand column you can edit font colour and font family, you can also change line height and add padding and set the URL to direct where you want your reader to visit next (a button is a call to action :)).

Note for button changes – always use the default maximum line height on buttons. We’ve discovered that Outlook doesn’t like buttons that don’t have maximum line height.

Deleting rows or content blocks

You can remove any 'content' or 'structure' by simply clicking on the bin icon in the corner of the respective content (block) or structure (row)

Copying rows or content blocks

You can copy any 'content' or 'structure' by simply clicking on the bin icon in the corner of the respective content (block) or structure (row)

and finally...don’t forget to save the message

Once you’ve created the message and you are happy with it, remember to hit the save button on the right hand side of the screen.

Testing your message

Screenshot 2015-12-15 17.39.47When you are ready.  Click on the Test Button in the top right menu.  That will send the message to your inbox (to the email address you've used for your Websand account).  

That's your message all designed and tested.  

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