Using images within your emails

Using images in your email design

To add or amend images or media, you can add a new image, edit an existing image, add a hyperlink to the selected image, or give your image more space to breathe by add some padding around the image.

Adding images

To add an image, highlight the image you want to change or the content block you want to amend.  If you've added an image block from the content menu it will look like this.

Click on the 'change image' button in the right column menu.  That will take you to the File Upload editor (see screen below) 

From this screen, you can either 

Select from an existing image in the library - just click on your preferred image from the list in the File Manager (library)

Upload an image from your computer - it will be added to the File Manager (library) for future use.

Import an image - from your dropbox, google drive, website, instagram or somewhere else online (just make sure you have permission)

Speaking of which, avoid any image licensing issues by picking an image from our library of over 500,000 royalty free photos (supplied from unsplash, pexels and pixabay). 

To escape from this file upload or search free photos screens, click on the X in the top right corner. 

Once you've selected your image, click on the image and it will appear in the image block.

And it's clever.  When you move the image it will resize itself accordingly. :)

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