Eventbrite API

Websand for Eventbrite Users

If you are using Eventbrite, Websand can make your event based marketing much easier.  No more spreadsheets or import/export.  All your event data will be pulled through into Websand, so you can segment and market to your audience with more relevance than ever before.

Getting Started

From Websand - click on the API button from the menu.  You'll see the screen below.  

Click on the 'Log into Eventbrite' button. 

That will shoot you through to your Eventbrite account.  

Sign into Eventbrite Account to confirm the validation

BOOM your Event data will magically populate the Transaction data within Websand.  

You can see the update of data coming through from the API screen.

That's all your Eventbrite history and the great events you'll be hosting in the future!

Create your Segment

You can then use the 'Product' segment to group the folks that have signed up for certain events.

You can use 'Repeat' to group the folk based on the number of events they've been to.

You can use the 'Retention' segment to group people that haven't been to one of your events for a while.

Or you could even use the 'Freestyle' segmentation to create your own segments based on special parts of your Eventbrite data.

And then use that targeted data for your email marketing campaigns (be those normal sends or clever automation)

Send your Message

Once you've got your audience managed using Segmentation, simply design your message and get it sent. 

Either send the message as a bulk one off message, or create some clever automation to handle your pre-event build up or post event activity. 

We'd love to know how you get on.

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