Visualsoft Ecommerce API

One of our fab early clients decided they wanted to use Visualsoft for their Ecommerce.  

We said, we'll do an integration for you, so all your lovely customer data will flow straight into Websand.  

They said, that will be lovely. 

Best bit is that if you are also using Visualsoft, you can have your data flow into Websand too.  You'll need to get the following SOAP information from Visualsoft. 

  • wsdl (whatever that is)
  • namespace
  • client id
  • client username
  • client password

Share that with us and we'll have you set up in no time.

Once you are all set up your customer details and spend data will magically populate the Transaction data within Websand.

You can then easily understand your customer lifetime value from the dashboards and use the segmentation to create your own segments based on your customer data.

Brilliant eh. 

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