Sendgrid API

Websand for existing Sendgrid users

Websand uses Sendgrid as it's preferred email sending partner, we are already best friends, so connecting is easy.  However, once connected Websand will become the controller of the email activity that goes on through your Sendgrid account.  

Here's a breakdown of who will do what for your future email marketing. 

Your audience will be managed, and can be segmented using Websand

Your email messages will be created and managed from Websand

Your email sending will be created and scheduled from Websand

Your marketing automation campaigns will be created and scheduled from Websand

The email sending will be sent from your Sendgrid account.

Your email reporting and marketing events will appear in both Sendgrid (generic reporting and event activity) and in Websand (campaign reporting and against individual contacts).

Using the Sendgrid API

We can connect Websand to your existing Sendgrid account through an API key created by your Sendgrid account.  

Create your Sendgrid API key by following these simple steps.

1.  Click on API keys from the Settings menu on your Sendgrid account.  Sendgrid > Settings > API Keys.

2. HIt the BLUE Create API button in the top right corner to access the Create API Key screen.  

Give your API Key a name - e.g. Websand API

Select Full Access from the API Key Permissions menu (see below)

3. Copy your API key and send it to and we'll update your account.

What's next

Once we've connected your Websand account and Sendgrid account together, you can begin the rest of your set up. 

Updating your audience.

We do not pull your existing contacts from Sendgrid.  You will need to export these from Sendgrid and import them into Websand.  It’s very straightforward.   Read how to import your audience here.

Once imported we strongly recommend that you use our API or existing integrations to connect to your data collection points.  That way your marketing will always reflect the behaviour of your audience, and you’ll get the best results.

Creating your sender addresses

We don't update your sender addresses from your Sendgrid account. You will need to recreate that within your Websand account.   Read how to create a new sender here.

Creating your first email

We don't pull any of your previous templates or messages across from your Sendgrid account.  You can easily create your key messages or templates within our mobile optimised email editor.  Read how to use our email editor here.

If you have HTML templates that you really want to use, please get in touch and we'll do our best to get those in place for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What about my Sendgrid history?

Websand can only start to collect your Sendgrid information after the two accounts are connected.  However, once your Sendgrid account is connected to Websand, all of your future marketing events (delivered, opens, clicks, unsubscribes etc) will be processed in Websand.

Do I need to continue with my existing Sendgrid account?

No, but if you have a Sendgrid account in place, we recommend that you continue with that account.

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